Market Manager  12/14/17 9:11:54 AM

Good marketing is often the ability to see the forest, not the trees. Producers often focus too much
on the market influences in their own backyard (the trees) such as cash price and local production issues.
The CBOT Futures Market takes in a broader global perspective (the forest). POET Grain’s Market Manager
Contract establishes a Futures Price based on a forest view of the market.

 POET Grain buys corn for 27 ethanol plants across the Corn Belt. Our customers regularly tell us that they would
like help in marketing their grain.
It’s really no surprise. Futures at all times are being influenced by weather and
industry demand that both change continuously. When you look at historical futures, there does not appear to
be any pattern to when, how long, or how high or low futures will go. However, there are similar global supply
and demand influences that created $3.78 futures in 2009 and in 2015. Those are the details we analyze daily.

Average Futures Price by Month